Thanks Lindsay for being the person who provided us with a ceremonial wormhole in Cosplay themes that allowed us to freeze a moment of time forever and become one being.
President and Secretary of Victoria Dr Who Fanclub. Phillip and Kristen Nicholls
Thanks Lindsay for helping us to find the perfect blend of words and ceremony and all assistance. Your enthusiasm and practical help made our wedding day incredibly memorable.
Luke and Rachel
We waited so long for the Day we would be a married couple and are so glad you helped and shared that day with us. Dad and mum were touched by your sincerity and warm delivery of the ceremony which you so expertly delivered.
Megs and Daz
Dear Lindsay, Donald and I and all our family were so excited and pleased at the combined Wedding and Family Sand ceremony you provided for us. We cherish that vessel forming one united family and have given it a special place in our home. We know it was the best choice we made in approaching you to marry us and we have now also gained a friend.
The Lugosi family Donald, Sarah and Tahlia, Izabella,and Amelia.
Firstly let me say thankyou for being all we wanted. We didn't want someone to run the show, but to provide a warm personality and to understand what our needs were and responding to them in human way. We are not fancy and our ceremony should be fun and simple and on the beach. That's what you provided, so the focus was on us and our day as it unfolded and became so memorable and enjoyable.
Sharra and Jesse
Lindsay our Wedding may have been small, due to lack of funds and friends but the ceremony was joyful and was a definite celebration with a Greek theme as asked for which shows in the short video your daughter made for us.. We were so glad to meet your wife and are thankful also for the assistance provided to us by your daughter. We loved celebrating with you and your family, the fact we are now married.
Richie and Dimitrios Messis
Dear Lindsay, a definite white wedding on the beach at Portsea was what we wanted. The weather was so good and allowed you to provide us with the ceremony we all collaborated on. So our wedding was joyful and fun we needed a shorter ceremony due the extreme heat in the day and you adapted. We loved the ceremony and your warmth and personality. You made our day what we wanted and are extremely grateful. And it was great to share a beer with you afterwards.
Luke and Alana Magro
Mr Lindsay, No hǎo;
I wish to say to you thank you for giving Scarlett and me Thomas the great wedding in the garden of Sky high receptions. Both our mothers and fathers love you, and express their delight in your humour and good manners. The wedding was everything we asked of you and wedding arranger was so pleased she contacted you. You tried very hard to have a Chinese feel for our wedding and I believe you did. We are so pleased to be married in Australia. P.s Scarlett says she is glad you didn't make her sing.
your friend Thomas
Dear Lindsay in Malaysia we call you Uncle in respect. But you have told us we should call you Lindsay, so we want to again thank you for such a good wedding in the Melbourne Aquarium. I thankyou first of all for making our wedding so easy and not complicated as it could be. We so wanted an Australian wedding but you understood most of the guests were Asian and may not feel comfortable with a totally "Aussie " service. so you gave us a service we all felt comfortable. We will never forget you. We are now as it said on the sign the divers held HAPPY MARRIED.
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