Weddings take all forms these days of course there is the Traditional White Wedding, but we also have had and provide Alternative weddings known as Cosplay which is basically a themed wedding which maybe super heroes,Starwars or Steampunk or time travel, its up to you and your imagination. Interfaith Weddings are a challenge but not impossible a Buddhist marrying a Greek orthodox is an example .

Of course their is always the Commitment ceremony for all couples as well.

All weddings to me are serious but have a fun lighter element so we share enjoyment on the day. The wedding focus is all about you two.

Pet weddings are extremely popular and so much fun!

Friends and family can bring along their pets to join in on the festivities.

Dog Weddings (usually for breeding pairs) are often held in dog-friendly parks  
where the dogs can celebrate by running around whilst the owners enjoy a picnic in celebration!

But our services aren't just limited to dogs. 
We can marry: Cats, Rats, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles even Horses!

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