Ceremonies for all occasions , engagement party, weddings , anything .

Choose Lindsay Raisbeck for mirth and fun that's there to be shared.
Lindsay will make your guests relaxed and happy and provide the ambience you want.
Lindsay's been in radio for over 20 years and brings your guests into the fun and helps create a memorable shared experience. 

Should you ever have to make the heartbreaking
decision to help your pet to leave this world, please don't let the
last thing they see be a cold veterinary clinic table and a
stranger in a white coat.

We offer the services of a home visiting vet to
help ensure the passing of your beloved pet is  handled gently,
surrounded by the warmth and love of family and friends.  
We can design and create a beautiful service to give you a sense
of peace and to help keep your beloved
friend forever in your heart.


The passing of a loved one is painful, sobering and bewildering time full of confusion. It can be a time of remorse and guilt also.
These days loved ones seem to want celebrate the life of the deceased. Lindsay understands this and provides a ceremony for place of solace and final rest. Working with the funeral director there will be a fitting and appropriate ceremony as directed by the deceased loved ones.

These days not all parents want to baptise their baby but do want their baby named officially in a ceremony where they are welcomed to the community and supported by that community. This is a memorable moment for all, especially for  baby and parents friends ,and relations .  Please let me help design a ceremony for you that will never be forgotten.

Still in love with that man or woman who has loved and supported you all these years then Renewing your vows is a brilliant idea.
Looking for a ceremony script for your officiant to use  at your vow renewal ceremony?
Look no further!  contact Lindsay and he will guide you through the process and assist in making a memorable ceremony for your special day and you may pick up warm and caring friend on the way.

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